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The ponderings, bitchings and rantings of the Janara

Insanity ahead!

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The basic "data":

I am

- insanely curious about anything and everything.
- female.
- way older than I feel.
- despite my age extremly easily amused by online games & pets (Dragon Cave) but won't post any in this LJ, so do not fear spam. ;)
- from Switzerland.
- in love with the wonderful minimorr!
- living together with her.
- and an ancient civilisations (focus on archaeology) and nordic philology student.
I think that's it for now.

Also: There are times I rarely update. However, this doesn't exclude me constantly jumping around on LJ and commenting on other people's posts. ;)

In case the funny occurrence might take place and someone would like to friend me: Just go ahead. :) I'll most likely add back whenever I'll have noticed that you did so.


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